In everyday life, food waste will be produced after each dinner.

How can we deal with it? just packed it and throw it away out?

No, Just a food waste disposer can help you manage all things well

About us

Taizhou Dengshang Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd is a high and new-tech enterprise which integrates teams of R&D, manufacture, marketing and service experts. our main products are kitchen food waste disposer units and household oil press machine. With the concepts of rigor, pragmatism, science and continuous improvement,our business are growing quickly and covers more than 26 countries

food waste crusher factory

Take a look at this video about our waste disposal unit

This video will definitely shows you with our kitchen waste disposal unit and installation of one of our disposal machine. we have several models of food waste disposer machine. Price from economic to royal, and high level disposal unit, extra more function can choose what you want.

How does it works and Where can it be used?

Food waste disposer as known as kitchen garbage disposal unit,with its impellers or lugs mounted on a spinning plate use centrifugal force to continuously force food waste particles against a stationary grind ring. The grind ring breaks down the food waste into very fine particles – virtually liquefying them. After they are ground , the running water flushes the particles through the grind ring and out of the disposer and into your drainage pipe.

Using at hospital

Our commercial waste disposal unit can be used at hospital, help to manage those hospital waste,like plastic container,disposable glove,drug liquid container etc.

Using at small restaurants

In restaurants,every day is on business,so each day,much food waste will produced. the food waste disposer machine can also help you with such food waste and residues,in case of these food waste goes bad,smelly.

Using at sea ship

Some big ship or luxury yacht may have their kitchen on board,our food waste machine can also used for them. after the food waste ground into small particles, they can be directly poured into sea.

using at household

Our kitchen food waste disposer unit can be used for household,be installed under a kitchen sink ,to get the daily food waste manipulated after each dinner.


using at hotels

Our kitchen food waste disposer for household or commercial food waste disposer can be also used at hotel.according the scale of hotel. we have several models to be chosen.

using at building apartment

Usually,for building apartment,high floor hard to get rid of such food waste after each dinner,and preserved for a long time,the food waste turned bad, can be avoided using a food waste disposer

Those Are Just A Few Main Features, There Are Plenty More

Lifetime expectancy 8-10 years

Grinding ability particles less than 3mm

DC and AC motor you choose

Lower Noise level,keep machine quiet

Large volume capacity of grinding room

One button press to start the machine

Air switch included(inner or external)

Easy Installation & Setup

What Else? OEM&ODM service available

Are you just a trading company? or a manufacture wants to expands your other products market realm? or a factory with no more labor force to produce machine? In our company,you can find your solution here!