kitchen sink food waste crusher machine

Model: DSB750/560/390

Why should choose this model of sink food waste crusher?

  • 1. With double hollow structured
  • 2. Aluminum grinding system with a lifespan of 10-12 years
  • 3.Blunt, durable grinding lugs that can rotate 360 degree
  • 4. Fast locking technology, easy to install
  • 5. High-quality ABS plastic enclosures
  • 6.Driving by AC motor
  • 7. Power with 1 Hp,3/4Hp,1/2Hp
  • 8.Grinding Chamber and Seat:Aluminum Alloy
  • 9. Dishwasher interface
  • 10. With build-in switch and other related complete accessory
  • 11. CE,CB,RoHS,CCC quality approval

Specification and diagram of Model of DSB food waste crusher

Parts illustration of DSB food waste crusher

Parts illustration of DSB food waste crusher

Specification of DSB food waste crusher

Type of feed: Continuous
Motor: AC induction motor
HP: 1 Hp,3/4Hp,1/2Hp
Volts: 110V/220V
Hz: 50/60
RPM:  1480
Auto Reverse function: No
Grinding Chamber Material: Stainless Steel
Grinding Capacity 1600ml
MultiGrind stage: 2 or 3 stages
Noise Level: 60dB-70dB
Color: Black
20''GP:  924sets
 N/G Weight: ≈8.5 KGS/9.5 KGS(DSB750)

≈6.3 KGS/7.5 KGS(DSB560)

≈7.1 KGS/8.5 KGS(DSB390)

Packing Size: 235*235*415mm
Payment method: LC,T/T,West Union,Paypal,Escrow
Warranty: 3 Years

Air Switch Control, 

Can Be Connected Dish Washer, Overload Protector,

Sound Insulation, Stainless Steel Grinding Elements

Packing and loading of our food waste crusher machine

Packing and loading of our food waste shredder machine

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